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About OzHarvest

What does OzHarvest do?
OzHarvest is a food rescue charity that collects excess food from function centres, caterers, corporate offices, restaurants, cafes and tourist operators and provides that food to charities. These charities feed those who are disadvantaged or at risk, including homeless persons, youth at risk, single parents with no support, marginalised indigenous men, women and children, refugees, those recovering from addictions, women escaping domestic violence and those with a mental illness and nowhere else to go.

Are you national?
Currently OzHarvest operates in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and Adealaide. We intend to expand to other major population centres within New South Wales and Australia. Our plans to expand will be in line with available resources.

Which areas do you cover in Sydney?
In Sydney, OzHarvest collects and distributes food as far north to Warringah, south to Wollongong, east to Maroubra and west to Penrith.

How are you different from Food Bank?
OzHarvest collects and delivers perishable food on the same day, Food Bank has warehousing facilities. OzHarvest collects perishable food, Food Bank generally does not. OzHarvest provides its service at no cost to either the food donor or the recipient charity; Food Bank charges a small fee.

Who are your competitors?
We are the only perishable food rescue charity in Sydney. We are aware that food is donated to charities on occasion – we are, however, the only charity that collects and delivers excess perishable food in Sydney on a daily basis.

Do you cater?
OzHarvest does not cater for any event. All donated food is distributed among agencies according on availability.
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