Donate Food

Where does the food go

OzHarvest provides food to over 260 charities across Sydney and Wollongong,55 in Newcastle, 47 in Adelaide and 22 in Brisbane. These charities provide support to many individuals in need, including:

  • children and youth at risk who may have been abused or have nowhere else to go
  • single parents with no support
  • older men and women who have trouble making ends meet
  • those who are homeless
  • marginalised indigenous men, women and children
  • refugees looking for a better life
  • those who are going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • women who are escaping domestic violence; and
  • families with low incomes who need help to get by.

The only common feature across these charities is that they all support those who are vulnerable. We provide food to the larger well known organisations like Mission Australia, the PCYC's, the Salvation Army and Youth off the Streets.

Equally we provide food to many small agencies dotted around Sydney – the type of charity that doesn't seek publicity. For example, a small women's refuge that doesn't advertise so that its details do not become widely known or a small respite centre for children and teenagers escaping difficult home situations.