Our Impact

NEST - Nutrition Education and Sustenance Training

OzHarvest to roll-out the NEST (Nutrition Education Sustenance Training) program nationally

Thanks to government funding, OzHarvest will officially roll-out the NEST (Nutrition Education Sustenance Training) program nationally, a food and nutrition educational program that has been piloted in NSW only and ready to roll-out nationally across NSW, SA, VIC, QLD, Newcastle, Wollongong and Central Coast by 2015.

The specific objectives of the NEST program are to:

1. Improve knowledge about and skills around low cost, nutritious healthy eating choices and minimizing food waste (including the utilization of left-overs);

2. Improve food purchasing and preparation behaviours for future self-sufficiency, independence, better health and mental health and improved life habits;

3. Break down barriers associated with food planning and preparation, allowing the people we service to enjoy the nutritional and social benefits of sharing a meal;

4. Minimise unintended waste by teaching better use of a variety of food products;

5. Up-skill staff and volunteers within agencies to both prepare nutritious meal options within their services and pass valuable knowledge and skills to clients to inspire positive future behaviours and attitudes around food and meals;

6. Provide additional opportunities for suitably skilled volunteers to engage with OzHarvest's cause – especially exposing students studying nutrition to the issues surrounding food insecurity;

7. Allow OzHarvest to add further social and environmental impact via its work

If you are a charitable organisation with a feeding program and want to learn how we could assist you through our NEST program, please get in touch on 02 9516 3877 or info@ozharvest.org