Our Social Impact


Giving back to society

Leading global management consulting firm, Bain & Company, calculated our Social Return on Investment (SROI) to reveal the true social impact OzHarvest is making in the community.

For every dollar invested in OzHarvest:


  • Food Rescue returns $6.75

For every dollar invested in OzHarvest, our food rescue operations return $6.75 to the community through reduced food expenditure for charitable agencies, as staff do not have to budget or shop for groceries, allowing precious finances to be directed into core services. Government and the wider community benefit from improved public health as people in need have a regular supply of fresh nutritious food, reducing landfill and the negative impact on the environment.


  • NEST delivers $9.73

For every dollar invested in OzHarvest, our NEST program delivers $9.73 by increasing living skills and education around healthy eating, low cost meal planning, cooking and food waste reduction. The expansion of this program means better physical and mental health for vulnerable people through improved nutrition and increased connectedness within communities.


  • Nourish delivers $4.44

For every dollar invested in OzHarvest, our Nourish program delivers $4.44 back to society by enhancing the life skills and sustainability of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds as their earning potential increases, along with improved health through nutrition education.  It helps to ease the burden of welfare payments and dependence on public housing, and increases the number of recruits for the hospitality industry.


The OzHarvest Effect can be created with just $1 which provides 2 meals to Australians in need.