Inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and be
change-makers in the local community.

What is feast?

FEAST (Food Education and Sustainability Training) is a curriculum aligned education program from OzHarvest, inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and be change makers in their local community.

Like any good FEAST, it’s designed to be enjoyed! Packed with interactive activities and inquiry-based learning, FEAST is filled with good food and lots of fun. The program explores the role food plays in everyday lives and the importance of protecting the planet, through sustainability, reducing food waste and nutrition education. FEAST also ticks the curriculum box!

The FEAST program is currently in pilot phase and will be rolling out to schools from 2019. Register your interest now to have FEAST in your school in 2019!

Why FEAST is important

It’s just plain crazy to think a third of all food produced goes to waste, when so many people still go hungry. Here are some other important facts that are hard to believe:

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    In Australia, 3.6 million people experience food relief each year, a quarter are children

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    One child in every classroom goes to bed or school hungry every day

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    Food waste costs the economy A LOT of money.
    $20 billion a year. What a waste.

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    Wasting food wastes EVERYTHING, precious land, water, energy and money. Throwing away one burger wastes the same amount of water as a 90-minute shower!

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    Food left to rot in landfill produces powerful methane gas, which contributes to climate change. In fact, if food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

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    Half of all food wasted comes from the home. So, we can all be part of the solution, starting TODAY!

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    Nationally, 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese and many do not eat enough fresh fruit and veg, which effects how they learn at school and can lead to poor physical and mental health.

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Download the infographic to show others how important this is and why we all need to fight food waste.

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