The culmination of the FEAST schools program is the School Cookbook which brings to life everything students have learnt about food waste and healthy eating. Using an inquiry-based and integrated approach to learning, students are tasked with the opportunity to explore and design new recipes that use food that might otherwise go to waste and then explain how the recipes address food waste and healthy eating.

The FEAST schools program encourages students to influence their whole school community by hosting a Cookbook Launch and sharing their knowledge on the topic.

View the FEAST cookbooks created by schools that have participated in our program so far.

Narwee primary

Narwee Primary School Cookbook

Belmore South primary

Belmore South Primary School Cookbook

Lakemba primary

Lakemba Primary School Cookbook

Bellevue Hill Cookbook

Bellevue Hill Public School Cookbook

Beverly Hills North primary

Beverly Hills North Primary School Cookbook