Food Savers Guide

Be a food saver and help reduce food waste in your home with our simple A to Z tips for storing and using food.

(Click here to download a PDF version of the tips)


Apples are best stored in the fridge. Cut out any bruises and if you have too many, make a delicious crumble or bake them.


Bread is the most wasted food in Australia, so only buy what you need and use straight from the freezer. Toast from frozen or for sandwiches leave for 10 minutes to defrost, whizz into breadcrumbs if hard or a bit stale.


Carrots should be stored in original packaging in the fridge and can be revived by trimming and placing in a glass of water until crisp.


Don’t worry if your fridge looks a little bare. Shop smaller and more often to avoid waste and use everything before you fill it up again to save food, time and money.


Eggs are best stored in the fridge. To check for freshness place in a bowl of cold water: fresh eggs will sink, if it floats don’t eat it!


Freezing food near its use by date is a great way to save food. Cook from the freezer at least once a week and use up frozen food within six months.


Get creative with leftovers and food that needs using up. Google ingredients and see what recipes come up or just experiment with your own ideas. Share your food saving creations with friends and family.


Ham and other sliced meat should be sealed tightly in original packaging. If near use by date, add to an omelette or frittata, or slice/ dice before freezing to use another time.


If you want to reduce food waste at home, plan your meals for the week, check what’s in your fridge before shopping, write a list and stick to it! Don’t be tempted by multi-buy offers.


Juice or blend overripe fruit into smoothies and enjoy or freeze for another day.


Keep fruit fresher for longer by storing in the fridge (except bananas and pineapple which should be kept separately to avoid over-ripening other fruits).


Lettuce will last longer in an airtight container, layered with a paper towel. Limp lettuce (plus any other greens) can be sautéed with onion, herbs and stock (throw in some frozen peas) then whizz up in the blender for Ronni Kahn’s Rescue Soup!


Milk is one of the most wasted items. When near its use by date, freeze it. To defrost, place in fridge and give a little shake.


Never waste food that could be eaten. Cook it, store it, share it … just don’t throw it away.


Onions last longer when stored in a cool dark place. Slice and dice, place in a bag and freeze – use straight from frozen in stir-fries, bolognese and curries to save time and tears!


Potatoes are best stored in a cool, dark place. Simply cut off any sprouts or bruises and use as normal, they last for ages and rarely need to be thrown away.


Quiches area fantastic way to use up forgotten fridge foods. You can add pretty much anything, including potatoes, carrots and zucchinis.


Raspberries should be stored in the fridge or freezer in original container and only washed just before eating.


Soup is the perfect way to use up all the wilting veggies at the bottom of the fridge. Add veggies to onions, herbs, spices, lentils along with stock and seasoning. Enjoy for lunch or freeze it for another day.


Tomatoes of any shape or size make a great pasta sauce, or can be added to chili, curry, tomato soup or salsa. Store in the fridge to keep for longer.


Understand food labels. Food passed its best before date can still be eaten. Use by dates refer to food safety. Check what’s in your fridge and the dates regularly. Eat food near the use by date, or freeze before it expires.


Vegetables do not always need peeling, try scrubbing instead and cook in the normal way – much more nutritious and less waste in the bin! Save onion skin and veggie ends in the freezer for home-made stock.


Wine isn’t often left over. If it is, use for cooking or freeze in ice-cube trays to add to sauces at a later date.


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Yoghurt can be mixed with overripe fruit, poured into ice block moulds with an ice block stick and frozen for a refreshing treat. If close to expiry date, add to smoothies or cakes


Zucchini is delicious when grated into pasta dishes, curries or stews. Store in the fridge in its original packaging.



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