Sapphire Coast

OzHarvest Sapphire Coast, established in the far south coast of NSW, collects excess food from local food providers and distributes that food to not-for-profit organisations. Food goes into community cafes, food hampers or is available from charities and helping agencies for those in need.

Established in December 2014 with a small band of volunteers and charity partners, OzHarvest Sapphire Coast is now collecting in excess of 1,000 kilos of food each month. We have been delighted to receive support and food donations from a variety of local food business and primary producers such as Woolworths and Palarang Partnerships Organic Meats along with another 30 (and growing) local providers.

OzHarvest Sapphire Coast is proud to support local initiatives including the Garden of Eden Community Project, the Pearls Place community café, the Merimbula Rural Fire Brigade and the Women’s Resource Centre.

We would love to hear from new supporters and volunteers as we are planning how to expand along the coast; participate in the upcoming local food shows and to help manage the excess summer bounty from our local farmers.

To get involved, please contact:

Phone: 0409 530 832 (Narooma & Bermagui)
Phone: 0423 774 735 (Tura Beach & Merimbula)
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: OzHarvest Sapphire Coast

OzHarvest deliveries to the Merimbula Rural Fire Brigade
Volunteers preparing a feast for Think.Eat.Save
Think.Eat.Save event: happy volunteering with the spuds!
Our Think.Eat.Save panel
Local celebrity chef Paul West joins the OzHarvest Sapphire Coast team

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