Bobbi Cheetham

Beautiful foods from OzHarvest brings our community together through the sharing of food. Furthermore, the fact that these are beautiful products allows for our clientele to feel the valued and cared for.

Through the sharing of food form OzHarvest, our community has come together in a way it never has before. Now we sit down together to share a meal and talk to one another. This is incredibly valuable community development.

Pastor Brian Unterheinner and his wonderful team at Newtown Mission feed hundreds of people each week. It is thanks to their love and generosity, that people who would otherwise go hungry can now enjoy nourishing meals and full tummies (NSW). 

Each day OzHarvest will ring us and see how much food we need. It’s got so big now, to the point where we used to be in the red but now we’re in the black, when it comes to financials, so that money can be distributed to welfare matters more.

So every day they (OzHarvest) arrive and our team races out and unloads a truck everyday. We’ve gone from four little bar fridges that we used to store our sandwiches in, to this big cool room, which is full of fresh vegetables and fruit and all the important things to sustain people’s lives. So now we can make food parcels, they can go home and stock their fridges. It’s amazing in the way that it’s unfolded.

I think back to some of the old days when locals used to come in, and we’d only have a very low range of food products: just the sandwiches or whatever we could cook up. Now they come in and see the variety of food. It’s like a bistro type food. They’re amazed at what comes out.

Before they were just like, “We’re gonna get some sandwiches up at the Mission,” whereas now they’re like, “What can we pick today?” Full meals. I feel like they’re actually being fed well now, whereas before we couldn’t afford vegetables and fruit. Now they’re actually getting all the vital stuff in their diets; all the greens and the protein and the things that sustain them, plus they get to take some home as well, which is pretty amazing for their evening meals.