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    Audrey Nable

    Audrey is a Community Liaison Officer at a behavioural school based in Campbelltown (NSW). She is passionate about giving her students access to opportunities they would otherwise not have. Through food they connect, share and are nourished.

    “Since OzHarvest has been delivering food and providing us with fresh fruit and vegetables, our numbers have increased for both our breakfasts and our lunches to approximately 30-40 students per day, just being able to access the food and knowing that is available for them, which is just fantastic.

    We were providing food for 70 students, but also family members too from the delivery from OzHarvest. And we also provide local members from our community from the food that students prepare and they give that back to pensioners and people that are struggling, so it does go much further than just the students we have here.”

    “Our students LOVE when the yellow van pulls up! The look for the yellow OzHarvest van and they know that they’re getting their delivery or lunches. But when we send the care boxes home or the fresh fruit and vegies home to a family that is in need… we have everything from a lot of smiles to a lot of tears and that’s all with gratitude and that’s fantastic!”

    “We have had a lot of different occasions where students have come to school and said that “they haven’t eaten over the weekend” or there hasn’t been much food in the house, and so to pack them lunch or to give them fresh food to take home is just amazing and we have to thank OzHarvest for providing food for them! “

    “A student recently shared with me that up until recently they weren’t able to have three meals a day, and sometimes they didn’t have one meal a day and now they come to school regularly and they know that OzHarvest produce is available and now he’s able to come to school and ask for help.

    Now that student is looking for a job in hospitality and within a mainstream school and he’s going forward in leaps and bounds!”

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    Major Hilton Harmer OAM

    A Salvation Army ‘retiree’ who delivers goodness to hundreds of vulnerable Australians every week (NSW). Hilton never stops amazing us with his huge heart and enormous smile. 

    “When we get cakes given to us from OzHarvest and I know that somebody is having a birthday or a special anniversary of some kind, I’ll actually take it to a cake lady and get it inscribed for them and then I’ll get the whole community as I did last week in gathering around and singing ‘Happy birthday’ to that person.

    Now, a lot of these people may have never spoken to that person before, but here they are singing happy birthday, and that’s one of the side effects of this, where before people lived in isolation, now there is a sense of community around all of this food and they are picking it up and doing it together and there bringing it in, in their bags full.”

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    Michael Klausen - Brasserie Bread

    Michael KlausenBrasserie Bread

    OzHarvest has a very important place in our society – it’s all about the people. The team at OzHarvest are amazing in the way they reach the people who really need help. They approach the people behind businesses who can help, and we love being a part of it. At Brasserie Bread we don’t want great, nutritious food going to waste, so with the connection that has been made with the people at OzHarvest, it all becomes possible.