The reason why I love helping out with Oz harvest is because I owe so much for the good they have done in my local community.
Seeing the faces and smiles of the people I’ve help in their time of need is so humbling, so rewarding that no amount of money can get someone on this levels of FEELS. Small acts of kindness  like giving food away might not seem like a big deal to you but it’s a world of difference to them. This is why I encourage others to not only volunteer but to help out the best they can. Cause to the world things might not have changed but to that person, you have changed their world

I’m a young person who was put in an unfortunate situation where my family was evicted out of our home and I was put in a youth crisis refuge, OzHarvest delivered food to my refuge every Friday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to back to the house. Every youth worker at the house would cook some banana bread and even some lovely cooked meals from the food given to us.I look back at the time I spent there and thank OzHarvest for allowing us disadvantaged kids to all come together when we pass the plate.