Amplify Kombucha partner with OzHarvest

Posted by on June 28, 2018

We are excited to announce our Outstanding Partnership with Frucor Suntory and their latest delicious drink – Amplify Kombucha. As a leading Australasian drinks company, Frucor Suntory are hungry to make better drinks and are committed to offering more low, no and reduced sugar beverages.

The two year partnership means OzHarvest can provide an additional one million meals to help feed people in need. Frucor Suntory have also generously donated a much-needed fridge for the OzHarvest market in Kensington. CEO Alexis Daems and his team brought great enthusiasm to our CEO CookOff this year and raised a massive $43,000!

When Mr Daems was asked why Frucor Suntory made the choice to support OzHarvest, he said “at Frucor Suntory, we believe people deserve good food and good drinks and this is why our partnership with OzHarvest is going to make a big impact for those who need it most. We have fantastic, committed and engaged people that want to have an impact in our community, so with a combination of our passion and 100% pride, the opportunities to help are endless”

We look forward to working closely with Frucor Suntory and showcasing their Amplify Kombucha range.


Posted by on May 3, 2018

Leadership consultancy Maximus started working with OzHarvest in 2016, bringing leaders to experience OzHarvest’s purpose-led organisation whilst ‘Cooking for a Cause’ and helping to feed vulnerable people across Australia.

Thanks to the success of this experience, our shared values and belief that purpose should be the heart of every organisation, Maximus approached us to join forces on a new style leadership program.

“The biggest attribute any leader can have is the connection between their head and their heart. The work that Maximus is doing in corporate training and fostering this connection is hugely important. Through this new program, we hope to add value and inspire more people to lead with purpose and see the difference it can make to their business,” Ronni Kahn, Founder and CEO, OzHarvest.

“We’re so fortunate to partner with organisations like OzHarvest who are led by exemplary people, like Ronni Kahn, who are able to connect with their purpose and bring that to the workplace, but also beyond that to the community at large,” Vanessa Gavan, Managing Director, Maximus.

Maximus have created a three-day experience for executive teams, based in the world of OzHarvest, which aims to help get a strong sense of purpose and aligned vision at the highest level of the organisation. Leaders will come away understanding how to drive value for themselves, for the business, and the broader society around them.

Funds raised from each program will help provide 100,000 meals to those who need it most.

Click here to download the overview

Contact [email protected] to find out more and to book.

Charity Cars and OzHarvest Canberra

Posted by on May 1, 2018

We are thrilled to announce a brand new and very generous partnership between The Green Shed and OzHarvest Canberra.

Our friends at The Green Shed run a number of services focused on re-use, recycle and re-purpose. One of them is Charity Cars, a free-service collecting unwanted vehicles for resale or sale as scrap metal. OzHarvest Canberra has been chosen to receive 20% of all vehicles’ sold or scrapped value to help continue the important work they do in the Canberra region.

How does it work?

Charity Cars will collect any vehicle for free anywhere within the ACT and surrounds if the vehicle is accessible and has all four wheels; they also require ownership to be signed off at the time of collection… it’s as easy as that!

If the vehicle collected is considered by Charity Cars to have a resale value higher than its scrap metal value the vehicle will be sold at The Green Shed, Resource Management Centre, Mitchell; if it is deemed as being scrap value only the vehicle will be taken to an accredited recycling facility and sold as scrap metal.

Regardless of the method of disposal 20% of the vehicle’s worth will be donated directly to OzHarvest Canberra to help continue their invaluable work within the Canberra Community.

Charity Cars is a business initiative designed to raise revenue for local charity in an innovative and responsible way. They also seek to promote responsible disposal of unwanted motor vehicles in the Territory as well as to generate sustainable, local employment.

Charity Cars is owned and managed by The Green Shed (TGS), which currently operates out of the reuse and recycling facilities at the Mugga Lane and Mitchell Resource Management Centres in the ACT. TGS has a proven record of community engagement throughout the region. Over the last four years TGS has donated over $610,000 in cash donations to local charities. On top of this they donate regularly to Canberra’s schools and local community enterprises.

Click here for further information & contact details

Charity Cars have also kindly donated a vehicle to assist our Canberra team in their day to day endeavours that help nourish the local community. Meet Manuela, the newest edition to our fleet. Thanks Charity Cars and the Green Shed!


Charity cars