What is Nourish?

The Nourish Program enables OzHarvest to be part of a special journey for at-risk young people (16-25 years) by training and mentoring students in a Certificate II in Hospitality or Kitchen Operations. Nourish offers more than just hospitality skills as it creates hope, opportunity and supports employment pathways for self-sustainability.

Nourish is absolutely FREE for participating students. OzHarvest partners with Registered Training Organisations in Sydney and Adelaide to deliver a full training program supported by volunteers, mentors and qualified industry professionals.

How does it work?

The program is designed as a stepping stone for participants into the hospitality industry. It covers a range of skills including cooking, coffee making, nutrition, food safety, hygiene, communication, teamwork and job-seeking.

OzHarvest’s growing list of food donors and industry contacts often provide work experience and employment opportunities for Nourish graduates.

How to get involved!

There are two intakes of students annually — at the beginning and middle of the year. Due to limited class sizes, we encourage any young people who are interested to register now! Please download the registration form for your location from the relevant link below.


Please note that the Nourish Program is currently on hold due to the impact of COVID-19. We hope to have the Program back up and running as soon as practicably possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on the details below if you have any questions.


Nourish 4
Dan Baynes and Belinda Woollett
Phone: 0411 465 458
Email: [email protected]

Ruth Byham – Nourish Program Coordinator
Phone: 0423 139 816
Email: [email protected]

“Our young people have benefited dramatically from participating in the Nourish program and have progressed onto further education and career pathways through the success of the program.”
Delise Kerehona – Manager, Ted Noffs Foundation, The Street University Liverpool

“It may sound like the cheesiest thing but the Nourish Program seriously changed my life. They pushed me to reach my full potential even when I wanted to quit. This course enabled me to reach my full abilities.”
Kiana Rameka – Nourish Program Graduate, 2015