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  • Charity Golf Day delivers 46,000 more meals


    On Friday, 4 March 2016 the sixth annual Combined Suppliers Charity Golf Day supporting OzHarvest was held at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley.

    The annual event is organised by four local companies from the kitchen manufacturing industry – Edstein Creative Stone; Euroform, Hafele Australia and Polytec with all money raised on the day donated to OzHarvest Newcastle.

    We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the generosity of the community and this industry, more than $23,000 was raised at this year’s event, allowing OzHarvest to deliver the equivalent of 46,000 more meals to people in need in the local community.

    Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who gave their time generously and ensured the day ran smoothly. Thank you to David and Bob from AGHA Golf and Promotional Products for all of your assistance in the lead up and on the day. A special thank you to Mike Rabbitt for doing an incredible job as MC and auctioneer.

    A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of our amazing supporters and sponsors for their kind and generous contribution to the Combined Suppliers Charity Golf Day:- Grass, FIAA, The Wood Tech Group, Evic Group; Planit Software; Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley; Crossmuller Technology; Volvo Trucks; Kesseböhmer GmbH; Carter Holt Harvey; Cosentino Australia; CDK Stone; Ad-Built Kitchens, Extensions and Developments; CaesarStone; WK Marble & Granite; SmartStone; nib foundation and AGHA Golf & Promotional Products.

    Thank you to Edsteins, Hafele, Euroform and Polytec for your generosity. It is a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to next year’s event!

  • Andrew Miller Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    Andrew MillerOzHarvest Driver and Logistics Coordinator

    The ability to put a smile on someone’s face because we’ve just delivered a donated cake, fit for a wedding to their 18th birthday celebration is one of the many reasons I love working for OzHarvest!

    When we create scenarios like this cake example, it simply makes everyone involved feel fantastic, and the examples I could supply are endless! OzHarvest attracts great people, from donors to staff to volunteers to agencies… it’s just a wonderful circle to be involved with.

  • Caleb - ONE80TC Caleb - ONE80TC
    Caleb - ONE80TC


    Every week OzHarvest provides a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and frozen foods that cover a lot of our meals day to day and it’s usually an opportunity for our students to work with fresh food and learn skills in cooking and preparation.

    We had a much bigger food bill and less variety before OzHarvest started delivering food to us.

    Every lunch was the same for the first two years that I worked at ONE80TC and dinner is now even better.

    Of course food is something that we all have in common and can unify. Even the staff eat meals with the students which is a great sign that it’s really important and enjoyable.

  • Greenway Greenway

    Bryce GunnGreenway Community Centre

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank OzHarvest for their incredible support during the last 12 months. With their assistance we were able to personally distribute in excess of 6,000 food parcels in the last 12 months.  Some of our residents have as little as $50.00 left each month from their pension, after paying rent, water rates and pharmaceuticals.  Thanks again OzHarvest for your vision in assisting the battler and the homeless.

  • Paniora - PCYC Paniora - PCYC
    Paniora - PCYC


    The reason why I love helping out with Oz harvest is because I owe so much for the good they have done in my local community.
    Seeing the faces and smiles of the people I’ve help in their time of need is so humbling, so rewarding that no amount of money can get someone on this levels of FEELS. Small acts of kindness  like giving food away might not seem like a big deal to you but it’s a world of difference to them. This is why I encourage others to not only volunteer but to help out the best they can. Cause to the world things might not have changed but to that person, you have changed their world

    I’m a young person who was put in an unfortunate situation where my family was evicted out of our home and I was put in a youth crisis refuge, OzHarvest delivered food to my refuge every Friday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to back to the house. Every youth worker at the house would cook some banana bread and even some lovely cooked meals from the food given to us.I look back at the time I spent there and thank OzHarvest for allowing us disadvantaged kids to all come together when we pass the plate.

  • 2013-10-11 12.33.06 2013-10-11 12.33.06
    2013-10-11 12.33.06

    Bobbi CheethamThe Wellington Centre

    Beautiful foods from OzHarvest brings our community together through the sharing of food. Furthermore, the fact that these are beautiful products allows for our clientele to feel the valued and cared for.

    Through the sharing of food form OzHarvest, our community has come together in a way it never has before. Now we sit down together to share a meal and talk to one another. This is incredibly valuable community development.

    Pastor Brian Unterheinner and his wonderful team at Newtown Mission feed hundreds of people each week. It is thanks to their love and generosity, that people who would otherwise go hungry can now enjoy nourishing meals and full tummies (NSW). 

    Each day OzHarvest will ring us and see how much food we need. It’s got so big now, to the point where we used to be in the red but now we’re in the black, when it comes to financials, so that money can be distributed to welfare matters more.

    So every day they (OzHarvest) arrive and our team races out and unloads a truck everyday. We’ve gone from four little bar fridges that we used to store our sandwiches in, to this big cool room, which is full of fresh vegetables and fruit and all the important things to sustain people’s lives. So now we can make food parcels, they can go home and stock their fridges. It’s amazing in the way that it’s unfolded.

    I think back to some of the old days when locals used to come in, and we’d only have a very low range of food products: just the sandwiches or whatever we could cook up. Now they come in and see the variety of food. It’s like a bistro type food. They’re amazed at what comes out.

    Before they were just like, “We’re gonna get some sandwiches up at the Mission,” whereas now they’re like, “What can we pick today?” Full meals. I feel like they’re actually being fed well now, whereas before we couldn’t afford vegetables and fruit. Now they’re actually getting all the vital stuff in their diets; all the greens and the protein and the things that sustain them, plus they get to take some home as well, which is pretty amazing for their evening meals.

  • 2013-11-08 13.41.31 2013-11-08 13.41.31
    2013-11-08 13.41.31

    Reno ElmsSalvation Army Unley

    You have changed our lives!!!!!! The OzHarvest supplies have transformed us. We now have a team of 4 people in the kitchen each Monday sorting through the OzHarvest gifts. In January we had no team and no food, now we have both plus a new fridge and the freezer on its way…a miracle really!!!!

    We are also able to extend our support of some people with real needs with frozen meals plus Friday night dinners for volunteers and some people on their own.

    Bless you all OzHarvest Team!!!!

  • Matt Moran Matt Moran
    Matt Moran

    Matt MoranOzHarvest ambassador

    Matt Moran, another champion OzHarvest ambassador who believes that good food should not be wasted and that we all have a duty to help those most  in need. We thank Matt for his incredible support.

    OzHarvest is a charity that is close to my heart. To take food waste which is so prevalent in today’s society and to turn it around in order to feed those in need is a truly worthwhile cause which I support wholeheartedly.

  • Neil Perry Neil Perry
    Neil Perry

    Neil Perry

    Neil Perry AM of the Rockpool Group has been an Ambassador since the beginning. We thank Neil for his continued support and dedication to our cause.

    It’s easy to support OzHarvest when it is simply such a good idea. Who wouldn’t want to take what was essentially waste and turn it into an opportunity for other charities to feed the homeless. It is brilliant and to support such an idea is compelling.

    Bravo Ronni for not only seeing what is possible, but most importantly for making it happen.

  • chuffed2 chuffed2

    Audrey Nable

    Audrey is a Community Liaison Officer at a behavioural school based in Campbelltown (NSW). She is passionate about giving her students access to opportunities they would otherwise not have. Through food they connect, share and are nourished.

    “Since OzHarvest has been delivering food and providing us with fresh fruit and vegetables, our numbers have increased for both our breakfasts and our lunches to approximately 30-40 students per day, just being able to access the food and knowing that is available for them, which is just fantastic.

    We were providing food for 70 students, but also family members too from the delivery from OzHarvest. And we also provide local members from our community from the food that students prepare and they give that back to pensioners and people that are struggling, so it does go much further than just the students we have here.”

    “Our students LOVE when the yellow van pulls up! The look for the yellow OzHarvest van and they know that they’re getting their delivery or lunches. But when we send the care boxes home or the fresh fruit and vegies home to a family that is in need… we have everything from a lot of smiles to a lot of tears and that’s all with gratitude and that’s fantastic!”

    “We have had a lot of different occasions where students have come to school and said that “they haven’t eaten over the weekend” or there hasn’t been much food in the house, and so to pack them lunch or to give them fresh food to take home is just amazing and we have to thank OzHarvest for providing food for them! “

    “A student recently shared with me that up until recently they weren’t able to have three meals a day, and sometimes they didn’t have one meal a day and now they come to school regularly and they know that OzHarvest produce is available and now he’s able to come to school and ask for help.

    Now that student is looking for a job in hospitality and within a mainstream school and he’s going forward in leaps and bounds!”