What We Do

At OzHarvest, we are committed to making positive changes in everything we do. Since 2004, we have been fighting food waste through our food rescue, education programs and sustainability work.


In Australia we waste 7.6 million tonnes of food a year, while 3.7 million households struggle to put food on the table. Feeding hungry people and stopping good food from going to waste underpins everything we do. We rescue and redistribute food to those who need it most, especially during times of increased need.

Fight Food Waste

Fighting food waste and protecting the planet guides our work in the sustainability sector. As leaders on this issue, our goal is to advocate, inspire and influence others to halve food waste by 2030, collaborating with industry and Government and raising awareness through the media.


Education is crucial if we want to enable positive change. Our education goal is to strengthen community connections, improve life skills, increase healthy eating and food waste awareness. We have a range of programs including FEAST, NEST and NOURISH to inspire primary and high school kids, ‘at risk’ youth and families in need.


OzHarvest is constantly looking for new ways and innovative solutions to combat food waste and hunger and use technology to mobilise everyday Australians to take meaningful action.