NEST – Nutrition Education Sustenance Training


Our NEST program teaches people in need of all ages across Australia the skills and knowledge to nurture themselves through guidance around healthier eating choices and food preparation behaviours.

The programs are tailored to meet the needs of charitable organisations to incorporate training for those who access their services, as well as staff and volunteers within those organisations.

Topics are covered in several modules such as: balancing your diet; eating food for long-lasting energy; the truth about fats, oils and sugars; budgeting; and healthy eating for young children and parents as well as reading food labels, planning, storing and strategies to reduce waste.


Watch this Channel 7 news story on an OzHarvest Adelaide NEST workshop

Watch Newcastle Jets players joining an OzHarvest Newcastle NEST workshop


Where is the NEST program delivered?

NEST is delivered to agencies including men’s and women’s refuges, rehabilitation centres, community and neighbourhood centres, crisis accommodation centres, TAFE outreach services, youth services, special schools, medical support agencies and organisations supporting low socio-economic areas.

The NEST program has created positive impact within the community across all our locations delivering programs to 65 agencies across five states.


The specific objectives of the NEST program are to:

  1. Improve knowledge about and skills around low cost, nutritious healthy eating choices and minimising food waste (including the utilisation of left-overs);
  2. Improve food purchasing and preparation behaviours for future self-sufficiency, independence, better health and mental health and improved life habits;
  3. Break down barriers associated with food planning and preparation, allowing the people we service to enjoy the nutritional and social benefits of sharing a meal;
  4. Up-skill staff and volunteers within agencies to both prepare nutritious meal options within their services and pass valuable knowledge and skills to clients to inspire positive future behaviours and attitudes around food and meals;
  5. Provide additional opportunities for suitably skilled volunteers to engage with OzHarvest’s cause – especially exposing students studying nutrition to the issues surrounding food insecurity;
  6. Allow OzHarvest to add further social and environmental impact via its work.

To find out more about NEST please contact our team via email or call 1800 108 006.


The OzHarvest NEST program exceeded our expectations, providing an engaging, informative and practical nutrition program to a student cohort of disengaged youth with little knowledge of nutrition and food preparation.

– NEST Agency


Budgeting has been a huge problem for me due to my gambling addiction. I often wouldn’t eat because of money. To be educated about things like staples and being able to make such yummy meals is very exciting.

– NEST Participant