OzHarvest Food App

We are very excited to share the latest OzHarvest innovation to reduce food waste and feed hungry people in Australia – The OzHarvest Food App. Using digital technology to connect local businesses with surplus food, to nearby charities in need of food relief, the OzHarvest Food App aims to find food rescue solutions for communities where our yellow vans cannot reach.

The app is designed to connect local businesses with charities in need on a regular and ongoing basis.  Once you have registered with the OzHarvest Food App, it takes three simple steps:

  1. Food donor uploads details of the surplus food
  2. A local charity receives a message notifying them about the food
  3. The charity collects the food.

The app is currently being piloted, and will soon be available for food businesses and registered charities (this is not for use by individuals or households).


To sign up:


For more information, please contact [email protected]