Sustainability news

Use It Up This Festive Season

by OzAdmin

December 16, 2021

OzHarvest Use It Up Christmas
OzHarvest Use It Up Christmas
Sustainability news

Use It Up This Festive Season

by OzAdmin

The festive season is a time of abundance and celebration, which inevitably leads to huge amounts of food waste.  But the good news is that food waste at home is mostly avoidable, it’s just about getting into good habits – especially the Use It Up™ habit!

Plan ahead

Start planning your festive food menu ahead of time.  How many people are coming? Which days? What food needs using up? If it’s after Christmas Day try menu planning to use up any leftovers … there will always be too much ham!

Fridge & freezer clear out

No space to store your leftovers? Get your fridge and freezer ready by having a clear out the week before and eating up what you already have.

Get Use It Up ready

Stock up on OzHarvest’s Use It Up tape™ and create your Use It Up shelf in your fridge! Also and make sure you have plenty of storage containers, ready for delicious leftovers.

Use It Up sticker being placed on a fridge shelf with spinach in the fridge drawer

Write a list (and stick to it)

One of the biggest reasons for waste is overbuying. Before shopping, write a list of exactly what you need (check what you already have first) and then stick to the list.  The shops will be open again on Boxing Day!

Quick chill

Keep leftovers fresher for longer by getting them into the fridge as soon as possible (especially if it’s hot!) Keep leftover meat and peeled prawns in airtight containers, but remember to eat them up!

Ham it up!

Keep whole ham in the bottom of the fridge wrapped in a clean damp cloth. Use your leftover ham to make fried rice, serve with eggs for breakfast or for some Use It Up inspiration try our delicious dumplings recipe!

Recipe card of Ham It Up Dumplings - click this for the recipe

Transform sweet treats

If you have lots of odds and ends of leftover sweet treats like Christmas cake, nuts, nougat and biscuits, turn it into yummy Rocky Road by combining with melted chocolate and butter – check out our recipe

Fruit platter smoothie

Use any leftover fruit from platters to make smoothies. Simply place leftover fruit in the freezer until you’re ready to blend it up with yogurt and milk – a perfect light breakfast for boxing day!

Recipe card for the Use It Up Fruit Platter Smoothie - click for the recipe

Whatever leftovers you have, if you’re not sure what to cook – google the ingredients for creative ideas or check out our Use It Up recipes.

Save food, save money, save the planet.

Happy holidays!