If you’d like to register interest in becoming a volunteer with OzHarvest, click here to get involved.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of OzHarvest, affectionately known as our ‘yellow army’, they dedicate priceless hours to help us spread the message every day.

If you’d like to register interest in becoming a volunteer with OzHarvest, click here to get involved.

Meet some of our incredible volunteers…

Viv Suet

Volunteer since January 2012

Viv is our ray of sunshine. She has been volunteering with OzHarvest since 2012. With a warm hug and a huge smile, Viv brings joy to the OzHarvest HQ every time she’s present. No job is too big, no task too small – Viv is ready to help us deliver goodness in every which way.

“I love coming to OzHarvest office every week! I feel as though I am very much part of the team. The atmosphere within the OzHarvest office is buzzing with energy and there is never a dull moment!

I enjoy participating in different aspects of OzHarvest work, whether it is to organise the week end’s fundraising market stalls or to help processing new volunteers’ applications or to help out at Cooking for a Cause events.

I also volunteer at a Soup Kitchen which is one of the charities OzHarvest delivers food to and I know how crucial the food OzHarvest provides is essential to many homeless people in Sydney.

A very inspiring experience…”

Dan Gill

Volunteer since March 2009

Dan is our quiet achiever. He comes into the OzHarvest HQ twice a week – fields calls, takes phone messages, books in food pick ups and efficiently updates the database. He brings us much joy when he recounts exciting stories about anything to do with his other part-time passion – acting… like the time he was on set with Leonardo Di Caprio filming for the Great Gatsby!!!

“A small but very rewarding experience: While washing food containers at one of our charities, I was walking through the foyer in my yellow T shirt, when one of the residents undergoing rehab rushed me and eagerly shook my hand.

I want you to know how much your (OzHarvest) support means to people like me, you guys are tremendous.

It’s spontaneous events like this that make you appreciate the value of the work done by OzHarvest.”

Geoff Holman

Volunteer since the beginning

Geoff has been delivering goodness with OzHarvest since the beginning – 2004.

Yes, that’s right, he along with Suzie Williams are two of our longest serving volunteers. Amazing commitment!

Geoff remembers one day delivering food to an elderly woman at a shelter and thinking there wasn’t much to give – just some potatoes. The woman receiving it was so grateful, she said, “Anything is good when we are hungry.”

With this in mind, Geoff told us, “The simple things in life can mean such a lot and I always think of this and how fortunate I am and how happy it makes me feel being a part of OzHarvest. Spending my spare time doing something small that has such a big impact for those in need and that’s also good for the environment is very rewarding.”

Alan Froude

Volunteer since 2010

As our CEO & Founder, Ronni Kahn, always says, “OzHarvest is a magnet for magnificent people.”

Alan Froude is one of the magnificent many. He volunteers at OzHarvest HQ two days per week, always with a smile and a wonderful attitude. Alan’s heart is bigger than you can imagine, and we are so lucky that he helps us deliver goodness in between his travel adventures!

Laura Francis

Laura has been volunteering with OzHarvest in Adelaide since September 2013 and has a background of management in early childcare and family services.  We are so lucky to have Laura volunteer in the office with us for 1-2 days a week and she has helped us with anything from agency surveys, logistics, volunteer administration and finance.  She also often puts her yellow t-shirt on and helps at events when she can and is always willing to go the extra mile for us, not to mention her warm bubbly personality which is always a pleasure!